Thursday 28 May 2020

14:00 - 15:00 BST


Open Zoom session: From short term behaviour change to longer term lifestyle change?

We’re all experiencing huge change unfolding around us. We all need spaces to stop and share, listen, and reflect on what is unfolding. Join us to do this with others from our network, situated all around the world. Together we will share our own experiences, learn from each other and identify patterns and questions and make sense of what is happening together.

Each time, we will be sharing different starting questions and experimenting with different systemic approaches and methodologies to help us navigate this moment of change.

This session will be facilitated by members of the Forum for Future team from the UK who are facilitating the
Boundless Roots Community, a systemic action inquiry into sustainable living. We will come together to share perspectives on what behaviour shifts we are experiencing during COVID-19, and where we are seeing potential for deeper changes in how we live to take root.

This is the third in a series of sessions - each is inspired by our Diary of Discontinuity blogs. 
Read our Diary of Discontinuity


Systemic action inquiry

Who this session is relevant for:

Anyone wanting to stop, reflect and make sense of what is going on.
People who feel overwhelmed and confused or looking for insights about what others are thinking and feeling.
Those of us looking for new approaches in making sense of what is going on.
People interested in radical changes in living and the role of social norms and mindset shifts in change.


Leila Hoballah
Daniel Ford
Louise Armstrong

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