Senior Sustainability Strategist


Someone recently said to me that the evidence for the future is our commitment to it in the present. I’m motivated by helping people explore the futures they want to commit to today, and find a sense of agency in creating the wider change that needs to happen to get there. I work on a mixture of strategy projects and system change experiments with partners such as Pukka Herbs, KP Group and the KR Foundation.

My journey in sustainability started on Forum’s MA in Leadership for Sustainable Development, exploring systems change for sustainability in different contexts, from the public procurement of food with Defra, to decentralised energy networks with the TCPA, to exploring how banks can contribute to creating shared value with Barclays. I then spent a bit of time at Unilever, looking at strategies to mainstream sustainability into the business models of large corporates and developing a communications toolkit for Unilever’s leaders to communicate their connection to the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan.

I found my way back to Forum after spending time working in trend analysis at an independent futures consultancy, and a fun-but-failed attempt at entrepreneurship through selling insects as a sustainable protein alternative.

Dream Project 

As an advocate of Kate Raworth’s doughnut economics, I like experiments, projects and strategies that are regenerative and distributive by design. Something that uses the genius of nature to inspire innovation, but that distributes the ownership of that innovation, so people can adapt it to different contexts all over the planet. The power of mushrooms and their role in a circular bio-economy is currently intriguing me.  

What floats my boat outside work? 

Take me to a lake where I can swim in the wild and read a good book and I’ll purr like a walrus. If not that then a lively pub with great music and conversation.