School of System Change

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Ruth Rominger

Director of Collaborative Networks Program, Garfield Foundation

Ruth is currently focused on sharing what the Garfield Foundation is learning about designing and evaluating systems change through multi-stakeholder collaborative networks. The foundation has supported two major networks addressing climate change (RE-AMP Network) and toxic substances’ impacts on health (Cancer Free Economy Network).

The Garfield Foundation is now also hosting and funding systems change capacity-building work with and for partners and grantees.  Ruth has advised on systems-informed network development at every stage of their evolution: from defining the issue system; convening and facilitating of multi-stakeholder processes, systems analysis and strategy; designing network structures, communications platforms, membership engagement; to measuring progress on long term impacts. Ruth shares principles, methods and examples of applying systems change frameworks to the creation and evolution of strategic action networks.

“I love being part of a community the School is building with emerging practitioners, capacity builders and facilitators, all working together to advance systems change. There is a wonderful convergence going on bringing together previously siloed issues and stakeholders across differences in cultures, disciplines, geographies and scale, towards a more just, vibrant and regenerative future for all.”