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Russ Gaskin

Managing Partner, CoCreative

Russ helps people who don’t know each other, and often don’t even like each other, solve complex problems together. His unique strength is fostering the conditions that support deep collaboration across organisational, sectoral and political boundaries.

Russ also builds the capacities of others to lead effective collaboration by teaching on complex systems change, design-driven innovation, and leveraging conflict and diversity as sources of strategic innovation. He combines practical experience in real-world collaborations with theory informed by more than two dozen disciplines.

Prior to launching CoCreative, Russ served as the chief business officer of Green America, a national leader in leveraging economic strategies to advance social equity and environmental sustainability; served as managing director of US SIF, the trade association for financial firms and institutional investors doing impact investing; and founded the Green Business Network, the first network of triple-bottom line businesses in the U.S.

“I love the rich learning we do together by drawing from our diverse backgrounds, knowledge, and experiences. I'm most excited by the many opportunities and channels we have to grow our collective knowledge and effectiveness in systems leadership.”