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We focus on the food and energy systems and take what we learn to drive sustainable practices forward in other sectors

Transforming food

We work with a wide range of organisations to build a better food system giving everyone access to sustainable nutrition: healthy, nutritious food that is sustainably produced.

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big systems are broken

Revolutionising energy

We need a clean, affordable and secure energy system that puts people first. We work with companies, organisations and communities to find and scale up the ideas and collaborations that can make this happen.

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transforming energy

Looking beyond

We have wide-ranging experience that we apply to create an impact in other sectors including telecommunications and retail.

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looking beyond

We apply futures analysis, system innovation and sustainable business practices to transform systems and embed change

Sustainable BusinessSustainability issues shape the way that organisations operate. Doing nothing presents real risks, acting now opens exciting opportunities.
FuturesIn a complex and rapidly changing world it's important for organisations to pay attention to the future to remain successful.
System InnovationAt the heart of our work is system innovation. We inspire organisations to transform their key systems to help shape a brighter future.

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