The #OneLess campaign has been leading the charge against ocean plastic pollution since 2016, focusing on the pervasive single-use plastic water bottle. Because everything we do touches the ocean.Read more

Beauty and Personal Care Sustainability Project

Demand for sustainable products is growing, and calls for safe and sustainable products, with transparent and clear ingredient lists, are increasing. So, how do we get more sustainable products on retailers’ shelves?Read more

Catalysing Community Energy

Empowering communities across the UK to own, generate and save energy togetherRead more

Circular Leap Asia

Empowering supply chains across Asia to fast-track solutions towards a circular economy in the apparel industry. We are working with key industry players across the supply chain and apparel system to adapt relationships and foster collaboration in order to effectively co-create the innovation opportunities necessary and implement circular eco-systems.Read more

Cotton 2040

The production of sustainable cotton has enormous potential to create positive change. Sourcing more sustainable cotton is essential to reducing the apparel sector’s negative impacts and ensuring future supply.Read more

Tea 2030

We want to deliver a sustainable tea industry, from crop to cup. To do that, we need the cooperation and collaboration across the tea industry, from pickers and packers to producers and purchasers.Read more