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Annabel Membrillo

Global Steward, Institute for Strategic Clarity
Masters coordinator, Universidad del Medio Ambiente

For the last 25 years Annabel has been a ‘co-conspirator’ for systemic transformation and collaborative strategy process with a wide variety of organisations across sectors including business, not-for-profit, government and communities. She supports strategy, collaboration and collective transformation journeys through approaches including learning together, exploring new ways and agreements, designing organisations and networks structures, co-hosting deep change processes, integrating tools, methodologies and processes.

In addition, Annabel’s work focuses on a formal exploration and descriptive research of collaborative networks and how deep aspirations for evolution manifest in the world. She has also facilitated dialogues, in larger and smaller groups, aimed at generating strong communities. One of her passions of recent years is the design of learning journeys that support individuals to found and realise their potential of being transformative leaders.

“We are living in a special moment as humanity. Over the last few years, I have met many people thinking, feeling and acting differently – following new rules, new ways to connect and new ways to live. There is still a lot to do, but the ground is ready, the tipping point of the shift in consciousness is here. Naming the movements, connecting people, nourishing global communities is an important process for this shift.”