Project Communications Manager


As a charity, Forum for the Future has a strong impetus to share good news about the milestones and system-level change that we achieve together with our partners. This is both in order to share insights and tools that help other organisations make the big shift to a sustainable future, and also to demonstrate our success so that we can continue the great work that we do. In my role, I take the successes we’ve achieved through our projects and partnerships and amplify them across all channels so that we can raise the profile of our work. I also help to increase the impact of the work that we do by using communications tools as a key way to scale up best practice.

I’m originally from Singapore, where I worked in a couple of PR agencies, running consumer PR and corporate communication campaigns for clients including tech and pharma companies, government organisations and consumer brands. In-house, I’ve served as PR manager for an online accommodation company and a leading fitness and well-being solutions provider, and did a short stint at the Ramblers Association launching a major new campaign this summer before joining Forum.

I have a passion for travel, and have passed through cities and communities across the world that are experiencing real and undeniable effects of pollution, deforestation and unfair business practices. This inspired me to be part of the solution rather than the problem – and hence being part of Forum is a big aspiration fulfilled!

My dream Forum project? 

Being a Singaporean city girl, I’ve come to realise just how important it is for city dwellers to stay connected with nature and understand their responsibility for the environment. I’d love to see a project that ensures that city administrators worldwide prioritise this: protecting green areas, allocating space for community allotments, and building food growing into urban school activities.

What floats my boat outside work? 

I like trying different fitness classes but always come back to running – it’s my favourite way to clear my mind and appreciate the Berkshire countryside. I also like cooking for friends, but am pretty hopeless at baking.

Joanie is on maternity leave until October 2019, please contact Ulrike Stein for any enquiries.

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