Senior Marketing & Communications Manager


Sharing news and insights, and celebrating milestones from our collaborative projects and our partner work is a key part of Forum’s charitable mission to create system-level change. It enables other organisations to make the big shift to a sustainable future and demonstrates the impacts we are creating. As Senior Marketing & Communications Manager, I take the successes we’ve achieved through our projects and partnerships and amplify them across all channels so that we can raise the profile of our work. I also help to increase the overall impact of the work we do by using communications tools as a key way to scale up best practice.

I therefore work closely with a number of Forum project teams, advising on communications strategies and delivering key comms outputs. Over the years I have worked on a number of system change and futures projects, but one of the highlights of my time at Forum was managing communications for the Sustainable Shipping Initiative. I’m currently leading communications for the global Cotton 2040 initiative, the Edible Fats and Oils Collaboration and the Protein Challenge.

I came to Forum and sustainability communications in a slightly roundabout way: Following my degree in Applied Modern Languages I spent five years working in international recruitment at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, a place buzzing with creativity and talent. In 2006, I embarked on an MBA in International Marketing in Germany. Somewhere in-between working on a case study on marketing coffee filters in Brazil and reviewing corporate mission statements, I realised that I wanted to apply my skills not to flogging yet more stuff onto markets, but to making sustainability desirable and mainstream.

And so, I started out in a CSR consultancy in Germany, where I developed stakeholder engagement processes to explore the potential of nanotechnology-based products for more sustainable purposes across energy, healthcare and water. Following my return to London, I moved into an Account Executive role in a sustainability communications consultancy where I managed the Green Awards for creativity in sustainability. In September 2010 I eventually joined Forum, and it really feels like the perfect fit.

What floats my boat outside work

Life's pretty busy with two little boys, so it's all about fostering their curiosity in nature and trying to turn them into decent human beings whilst eeking out the odd hour here and there for some me-time, be that a swim, a walk, some pilates, or just an adult conversation with friends.


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