<2°C Futures

Find out about the <2°C Futures Scenarios, created to help business navigate climate impacts and make more informed decisions. Read more

Civil Society Futures

Civil Society Futures is a national conversation about how English civil society can flourish in a fast changing world, and how to maximise the positive effects of civic action and provide a guide to how to release its potential to drive positive change. Read more

Climate Futures 2030

Climate Futures analyses the social, political, economic and psychological consequences of climate change describing how different global responses could lead to five very different worlds by 2030. Read more

Consumer Futures 2020

A practical tool based around four future scenarios to help consumer goods organisations plan for the years ahead. Read more

Fashion Futures 2025

Working with Levi Strauss and Co using futures techniques to develop global scenarios for a sustainable fashion industry. Read more

Fashion Futures 2030

An interactive toolkit exploring how current trends - from climate change to nationalism and AI - could shape fashion in 2030 Read more

South Asia Futures

Applying our futures and systems expertise, we helped a global agency understand the future sources of vulnerability for children and adolescents in South Asia and how they might address them. Read more