The Challenge

Civil society in India plays a critical role in driving action to combat climate change and its impacts. The sector will be especially  important in 2021 given the urgent need to ensure a ‘green recovery’ out of the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to the growing urgency of climate action. 

Yet at the same time, the sector is facing a number of complex challenges, including shrinking space for civil society in India, increased scrutiny and shifting regulatory goal-posts. Only a collaborative endeavor will enable civil society to respond to these challenges, build the resilience of the sector and individual organisations, and amplify collective impact. 

Our solution

To this purpose, and supported by the MacArthur Foundation, Forum for the Future is exploring the different possible trajectories we could take out of the COVID-19 crisis.

We are now inviting civil society organisations (CSOs) to join our ongoing programme. 

Using Futures and Systems Thinking tools we will collectively explore questions such as: 

  • What shocks or risks could lie ahead? 
  • How can we be better prepared moving forward? 
  • What is our role in shaping the recovery we want to see? 
  • How can we ensure our organisational and collective strategies are aiming for systemic impact?

Watch the online information session held on 19 January

The Indian Civil Society Future Trajectories for Climate Action programme is designed to bring together 30-40 key CSOs working in climate action on a collaborative and exploratory journey.

It is:

  • An exploration of four trajectories we could take out of COVID-19 in ways that build resilience and amplify our collective impact, running from January to August 2021.
  • A unique opportunity to cultivate connections with practitioners from prominent CSOs working in the climate action space in India.
  • A facilitated space to develop a shared vision for the climate action civil society community and draw insights for organisational and collective strategies. A chance to tap into pioneering practice while developing a journey and bespoke approach for your organisation.

Find out more

Download the programme brochure for further details.

Watch the online information session held on 19 January.

For any questions or queries, please get in touch with Hansika Singh at [email protected]

Who should join and why? 

This journey is designed to equip strategic decision-makers in CSOs across India with the capabilities to address uncertainties and complex challenges through creativity and collaboration. 

The participating organisations will benefit from:

  • Network building: You will work alongside and get an opportunity to connect with some of the pioneering practitioners and leaders from prominent civil society organisations in the climate action space in India. There is potential to explore new collaborations with other participants.
  • Conceptual frameworks: By participating in exploratory and sensemaking workshops you will learn and work with different conceptual frameworks of futures and systems thinking.
  • Systems change coaching: You will work closely with Forum for the Future to make sense of the joint process and develop implications for your own organisational strategies and priorities.
  • Building a shared vision and knowledge for the sector: We will work towards a shared vision for the ecosystem of climate action civil society stakeholders, while ensuring that the knowledge outputs of this process are codified and shared with the civil society sector for a wider uptake.

Download the programme brochure for further detail.

For any questions or queries regarding the program, please get in touch with Hansika Singh at [email protected]

Who’s involved

Supported by MacArthur Foundation