The #OneLess campaign has been leading the charge against ocean plastic pollution since 2016, focusing on the pervasive single-use plastic water bottle. Because everything we do touches the ocean. Read more

Auto Loop: How to close the automotive loop

We undertook an investigation to understand how the automotive industry is exploring closed loop models, where are the opportunities, barriers and recommendations for a more sustainable automotive industry. Read more

Circular Leap Asia

Working with apparel manufacturers in Asia and other value chain players across the sector, our innovation programme aims to fast-track solutions towards a circular economy. Read more

Eliminating single-use plastics with Asian food delivery companies

Promising convenience, affordability and choice for busy consumers, food delivery services have burgeoned in recent years, particularly in Asia. In 2015, the Asia Pacific region accounted for nearly half the total value of global home food delivery, and it’s expected to be the industry’s fastest growing region in the next 2 years. Read more

Re-usable Buildings Pathfinder

“The future of the building marketplace is one where traditional construction is a thing of the past, where reconstruction and redeployment are commonplace. A world where buildings can be flexibly changed, adapted, expanded and reduced according to demand or use. Read more