Aviation: no going back

Jonathon Porritt, Founder Director of Forum for the Future, examines the COVID-19 shock to the aviation industry, and what that means not just for a sustainable future for airlines, but their survival. Read more

Coronavirus Response: The green economy has regeneration at its core

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Building the future of food during crisis

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From system shock to systems change: Why we need to transform commodity value chains (and what this means for cotton)

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COVID-19: a dress rehearsal for the climate emergency?

Sally Uren, Chief Executive, examines how the novel COVID-19 virus could help us prepare for necessary change and the likely disruptions in the next decade, as we urgently transform entire systems to achieve carbon neutrality. Read more

Bruno Loubet: Foraging, Zen Buddhist monks and redefining beauty

Jacqueline Culleton interviews the great plant-based pioneer Bruno Loubet who led the way for many other chefs who were interested in a different way of cooking Read more

Food for thought: what will you be eating in 2040?

The climate crisis can’t be addressed by a single solution but we are beginning to see how much our food choices can help solve the climate challenge. What might your lunch of the future look like? Read more