Admin Assistant


I work as an Admin Assistant, supporting the Global Director of System Change Programmes and Global Director of Systems Change Learning. I have experience working in Government, the private sector, and non-governmental organisations, covering admin, project management and marketing and communications. 

From my undergraduate studies at University College London, I developed an interdisciplinary background, spanning political sciences, social sciences, and studying various cultures. I am interested in how global challenges can be addressed through collaboration, combining different approaches and an understanding of cultural and socioeconomic differences. Working on communications for the UK Government’s Zero Emission Vehicle Summit sparked my interest in how governments, industries and non-governmental organisations can work together to address climate change. I was also on the team behind World Book Day UK and Ireland’s target-breaking campaign in 2020. 

Researching brand activism, I realised the increasing importance of companies having solid actions behind their messages about sustainability. I am excited to support Forum for the Future inspire change across systems, industries, and organisations. 

Dream project

In general, I am interested in supporting system-wide changes for global climate change challenges. Sustainable fashion is one of my main areas of interest, especially exploring ways for affordability, creativity and more ethical practices to co-exist.

What floats my boat outside work

I love learning about different cultures, through learning languages, travel and arts. I also enjoy attending live music events and theatre.