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I’m a Senior Sustainability Advisor in Forum where the majority of my work is focused on food; working to create a shift towards a more resilient, sustainable and healthier food system. Given the deeply complex and interconnected challenges in the food system, this is no small aim and I was motivated to join Forum for their strengths in systems thinking and collaboration. I believe these two approaches play an important part in speeding up the transition society needs to make with food and energy. 

I studied engineering at Cardiff University, motivated by a curiosity of how things work and how design can help create a better world. I then found an opportunity to continue my studies and complete an MSc in Sustainable Energy. Following a food waste feasibility study as part of this MSc, I landed my first job in sustainability at Bioregional, an entrepreneurial charity famous for its work in eco-developments. Here I worked with a broad range of clients on sustainability strategy, design, footprinting and feasibility analysis. 

In 2011, driven by a desire to do some grassroots work, I spent a fascinating year in Kenya helping develop a renewable energy company called Steama:Co (formally access:energy). Following a deep passion to continue working on practical projects and with a strong interest in food, on returning from Kenya, I took over Sutton Community Farm. With the support of a brilliant team, we grew this into London’s most productive community-owned food businesses and created a warm, welcoming environment for people to join in. In 2016, while continuing to support the farm through its management committee, I stepped down and spent a year as a freelancer, advising other community food projects and helped businesses tackle sustainability challenges. During this time I also started studying Food Security, a part-time and distance learning MSc with Bangor University.

In my spare time, I play the fiddle and guitar, enjoy swimming in wild places, hiking up mountains and exploring places on my bike. From time to time, I also DJ and like to play all sorts of musical curiosities.

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