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Forum and the People’s Postcode Lottery share a vision of a future where we live within planetary boundaries. We are working together to create a sustainable future by tackling the climate crisis, contributing to sustainable land-use and empowering others to change the systems we rely on.

Our relationship

Together, we are working on key climate projects.

Through core funding, People’s Postcode Lottery are also helping Forum strengthen its capacity to deliver its mission and develop our staff to drive the greatest possible impact.

What we’ve done/are doing together?

Together, Forum and the People’s Postcode Lottery are empowering communities to make a just transition to a zero-carbon economy through PowerPaired

Community-owned energy is a low-cost way of taking practical action on climate change, gives communities control over where their energy comes from and generates income which can support local causes.

Despite the positive potential, getting community energy projects off the ground can be hard. For asset owners, the biggest challenge is finding a group to work with when they don’t have the time or expertise to get projects off the ground.

PowerPaired is a world-first and unique online platform matches community energy groups with asset owners - people or organisations who can provide a site for renewable energy development.

The ultimate aim of PowerPaired is to increase the number of community-owned renewable energy projects in the UK.

Forum’s Chief Executive, Sally Uren, said: “We would like to thank the players of the People’s Postcode Lottery for their support in helping communities generate their own energy. With your help PowerPaired is set to accelerate the renewables revolution and put power back into communities’ hands.”


The PowerPaired platform was launched publicly in late 2019 and, by the end of the year, 85 community energy groups and 31 asset owners had signed up, registering 109 assets. Community energy groups are now making expressions of interest to work with asset owners – each with the potential to develop into a new community energy project.

Putting the right support in place is important if community energy is to thrive. We built strategic partnerships with community energy charity Pure Leapfrog, Local Energy Scotland and the new, government-funded, Energy Hubs, so that asset owners feel confident that they will be supported through the process of working with a community energy group.

Public sector organisations own lots of potential sites for community energy projects, and have a big role to play in supporting local groups. Many have declared climate emergencies and several have expressed an interest in getting involved with the platform, including the Welsh Government Energy Service, The North East Local Economic Partnership and local councils in the south-east of England.

Next steps

Soon subsidies will no longer be needed for solar energy. As we approach that tipping point, we want to ensure PowerPaired can support the rapid growth of the community energy sector.

With continued support from People’s Postcode Lottery, our aim is for over 100 community energy groups and 50 asset owners to have registered with PowerPaired by the end of 2020 – and more matches made between groups and asset owners. We will also develop a business model that will ensure the initiative can be self-sustaining in the long-term.

“As a national organisation with a local footprint, People’s Postcode Lottery looks for charities and projects that share our values and can make a real difference to people and to the planet. Projects that counteract climate change and promote renewable energy are highly relevant for us and PowerPaired has great potential in accelerating our journey to a renewable energy future.

We need a paradigm shift in the way that we develop energy projects and, living in a time of climate crisis we need PowerPaired, now more than ever.”

- Will Humpington, Climate Change and Environmental Programmes Advisor, People's Postcode Lottery

Forum works with organisations that are creating a positive future, both for themselves and by actively working with others to reshape the systems they reply upon.  This enables businesses to both ensure their longer term value creation and address vulnerabilities in their current business model. Public and third sector organisations can sharpen their purpose and ensure they are maximising their positive impact across the systems they are working in.

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