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Forum and People’s Postcode Lottery have worked together since 2019 to create a future where people and planet can thrive. We do this by changing how we produce food and energy, and building the capacity of changemakers to transform the systems we rely on. 

Through vital core funding, players of People’s Postcode Lottery also help Forum strengthen its capacity to deliver our mission so that we can drive the greatest possible impact.

What we’re doing 

The way we produce and consume food is pushing our planet to the limit. We need to accelerate the shift to food and farming systems that deliver sustainably produced, healthy diets for all. To make that happen, we must transform how food markets, food production, and value chains work.

People’s Postcode Lottery is currently funding two of Forum’s major programmes in the UK and Southeast Asia to enable this transformation.

Supporting the transition to regenerative agriculture in the UK 

Regenerative farming – including agroecological approaches – could reduce the UK’s agricultural emissions by up to 38%, restore soil health and ecosystems, support farmer livelihoods and contribute to better health. 

However, a shift to regenerative agriculture can be held back by the way current mainstream value chains work. There is a lack of collaboration across the sector, and an innovation gap in how farmers can adopt regenerative practices and market and sell their regenerative products. 

To respond to these needs, Growing our Future UK aims to catalyse collaborative action that creates a path for others to follow in three ways:

  • Enabling new partnerships and projects in priority areas (e.g. how to shift mainstream retailer value chains from bulk-buying of single crops to diversified crop supply, or how to reward farmers for environmental and social outcomes).
  • An innovation sprint to explore how to support and scale more diverse products and new routes to market for farmers (e.g. direct-to-consumer).
  • A pilot with a major retailer and its potato farmers to support adoption of regenerative practices.

Protein Challenge Southeast Asia

Protein production in Southeast Asia, one of the regions most vulnerable to climate change, drives greenhouse gas emissions, damages ecosystems and is not yet meeting nutritional needs of a growing population. While current approaches such as alternative protein innovations aim to address immediate issues, they risk not solving complex underlying challenges.

We need a just and regenerative protein system where value is shared fairly, farmers can be resilient to climate change, and nature’s role in restoring the biodiversity that sustains agricultural production is embraced.

This is a big shift that requires new ways of thinking and working together. Through Protein Challenge Southeast Asia, players of People’s Postcode Lottery are helping to build the capacity of changemakers in protein. By taking a systems change approach, and collaborating in problem solving, this programme is shaping a food system that can provide a better future for people and ecosystems in the region.

Tackling the climate crisis

In 2019-2020 Forum for the Future and People’s Postcode Lottery partnered to empower communities to make a just transition to a zero-carbon economy through PowerPaired. This world-first online platform matches community energy groups with asset owners - people or organisations who can provide a site for renewable energy development. 

Over 100 community energy groups registered with the platform. In addition, over 35 different asset owners listed more than 100 assets suitable for community energy projects including land, churches, offices, fire stations, and schools. 

Forum works with organisations that are creating a just and regenerative future, both for themselves and by actively working with others to reshape the systems they reply upon. This enables businesses to both ensure their longer term value creation and address vulnerabilities in their current business model. Public and third sector organisations can sharpen their purpose and ensure they are maximising their positive impact across the systems they are working in.

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Page last updated in February 2023