Net-zero as a milestone, not destination

As COP26 arrives, Forum’s Associate Director - Transformational Strategies, James Payne, and Global Programmes Director, Caroline Ashley, explore the need to reset our ambition, aiming not for a net zero world but a just and regenerative one. Read more

Ambition, adaptation and altered mindsets: what does COP26 need to deliver?

With COP26 fast approaching, Forum’s Dhaval Negandhi, Associate Director for Climate, and Hannah Pathak, Director - Forum UK/Europe, call out five key elements the Climate Summit must address if we are to achieve the deep transformation needed to meet the Paris Agreement and deliver a just and regenerative future. Read more

2021: deep transformation or shallow change?

Forum for the Future’s Chief Executive, Dr Sally Uren, explores what is needed as the sustainability movement hits a vital inflection point. Read more

Diagnose. Design. Deliver: Creating a future-fit organisational purpose

As immense global disruption continues, businesses can and must take the opportunity to re-evaluate their organisational purpose if they are to emerge stronger and more prepared for the turbulent 2020s. Here, Forum for the Future’s Dr Sally Uren shares her thoughts on the ‘three D’s’ critical to ensuring this re-evaluation puts sustainability and the need to embrace a just transition at its heart. Read more

How will you reboot the future?

How can we inspire change and support young people to take climate action in a positive and personal way? A new campaign sets to engage 14-19 year old students to stimulate debate and action as we approach COP26. Read more

The mindset of a good business leader for an inclusive future

22/02/2021 The 2020s urgently need effective and ambitious business leaders, working to create a more sustainable and inclusive future. Caroline Ashley, Forum's Global Director of System Change Programmes, discusses the keys skills needed and explains why it's all about CHARM. Read more

Towards resilience: building energy systems with community at their heart

15/02/2021 Rebecca Lawson explores the fragility, inefficiency and inequality embedded in our energy system – all of which have become clearer than ever during the pandemic – and explains why resilient communities must be at the heart of building the energy sector of the future. Read more

Business risk and the pandemic: Insights from sustainability leaders

Oriana Brine, Senior Sustainability Strategist, examines the importance of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) in how organisations responded to the pandemic, and what we can learn from this to create future-fit businesses. Read more

Sustainable mobility in 2021 & beyond: three dynamic areas & how to intervene systemically

As we swiftly close the door to 2020, and look forward to 2021, I took time to look broadly at the present and future of mobility systems and sustainability. Read more

2020 to 2021: From turbulence to transformation?

As the curtain falls on one of the most turbulent years of our lives, Forum’s CEO, Dr Sally Uren, explores three key lessons from 2020 and outlines what will be required next year if we’re to create a just and regenerative future. Read more

Catalysing systemic action for a more sustainable tea sector – the story of Tea 2030

Forum's Chief Executive, Dr Sally Uren, shares her insights into Forum’s Tea 2030 initiative. What system change strategies were used in programme design? And what did we achieve? Read more

Systems change in practice: COVID-19 and India’s healthcare system

How can systems thinking be applied and broken down in practice? What qualifies as a ‘systemic problem’ when we talk about social change? In this long-read, Hansika Singh, Principal Strategist, explores system change through COVID-19 and India’s healthcare system. Read more

Do you want the good news? Or the bad?

Can transformative interventions from corporates balance out the evident cooling down of governmental support for green recovery packages? Here, Jonathon Porritt explores negative and positive shifts in sustainability commitments around the world in the latest of our Corporate Leadership in the Time of Corona series. Read more

Time to transform: how are you harnessing disruption to drive lasting change?

In the latest of our Corporate Leadership in the Time of Corona series, Dr Sally Uren explores how organisations are harnessing the disruption caused by COVID-19 to put us on a ‘Transform’ trajectory – one set to create a truly regenerative future in which we recognise human health equals planetary health and we deliver a just transition towards a net zero global economy. Read more

A new dawn for nature-based solutions?

In the sixth of our Corporate Leadership in the Time of Corona series, Dr Sally Uren explores the latest in nature-based solutions (NbS) and the interconnected nature of five key capitals –and calls on business to advocate for greater uptake and investment in these high-impact solutions. Read more

Build Back Fairer - and Healthier

In the fifth of our Corporate Leadership in the Time of Corona series, Jonathon Porritt explores how intricately linked climate change and public health are, and the crucial need for business to play its part in ensuring we strengthen healthcare systems in the bid to ‘build back better’ post COVID-19. Read more

A future where resilience and regeneration runs through every fibre

Dr Sally Uren discusses the context for the MMCF Vision and the plans to build on the existing MMCF Roundtable and the newer Hub in order to create a vehicle for accelerated action, faster collective innovation and problem solving as well as build resilience and regeneration. Read more