IT & Administration Manager



I am the IT and Administration Manager at Forum for the Future with responsibilities for the management of our IT, London Office and Environmental Management.  During my time at Forum I’ve enjoyed scoping out and managing several projects;  three premises moves and several IT projects including a server upgrade programme and laptop roll out of kit to all our sites across the globe as well as drawing up project plans for Forum’s Cloud migration and managing  relationships with key Forum suppliers. Recently on the estate management side I’ve completely re-negotiated two of our existing premises leases in London; reducing existing and end of lease costs whilst improving our office space at the same time.  I’ve always worked in the environment and sustainability sector and have had several years’ hands on experience of developing and managing a truly challenging certified environmental management system.

My dream project?  That’s difficult, being service driven it’s always great to run and see positive outcomes to projects that give the right results for colleagues and the business so I think that would always be at the front of my mind.

What floats my boat outside work?   I’m the Festival Organiser for the St. Albans Beer & Cider Festival which attracts up to 10,000 people in September every year. I enjoy running an event like this and there’s lots of scope and opportunities for making events such as this so much more sustainable whilst reducing costs. It’s great to see people having a really fantastic time when they visit especially when I get to join them have a great pint of the “real stuff” with the funders and supporters.  I also enjoy live music and travel especially in Eastern Europe.

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