I’ve worked in various charities and social care settings for over a decade, and my career goal has always been geared toward ensuring a higher quality of life for as many people as possible. I enjoy working within a passionate and ambitious team, and within my role I take pride in creating the best working environment possible for my colleagues to produce ground-breaking work and systems change.


My dream project

After having seen some of the damage plastics are doing to the ocean whilst travelling in Asia, I’d love to be a part of a project that educates poorer communities about the dangers of plastics to the eco-system, whilst also working towards being able to offer long term alternatives to plastic use that are affordable and convenient for the communities mostly affected by this.


What floats my boat outside of work?

Travelling – a perfect holiday for me involves seeing as many countries and places as possible, and a perfect year involves lots of holidays. Whilst I am in London, I enjoy attending live music events, socialising with friends and following the great Arsenal FC.

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