The core Forum for the Future logo marque consists of typography enclosed within our changing window shape, and should be included in all of our communications.

Logos and colour

Our core logo may be used positive or reversed out. Our logo should appear in Earth blue and Ice white as specified in our core palette.

Logo positioning types

Our core logo is available in four positioning types. Each version see's the enclosing shape transformed to fit the four corners of the format, and should be employed to create variety in the application of the logo across differing marketing materials.

When using our logo in this way, they should be butted right up to the edge of the document layout. Relative sizing should be assigned to the logo based on the given format, this in turn dictates the margins for the document.

logo positions

Logos over images

Our logos can be used over images. Always ensure there is enough contrast between the background image and the logo.

The typography in our logo can be filled with the appropriate colour from our palette or can be cut-out to allow part of the background image to be viewed through it.

When positioning the logo over a background image careful consideration should be taken to avoid overlaying on overly complex parts of the image.  

Download the full logo pack