Can you help catalyse the next wave of community energy?

If you're an owner of buildings and land, you can help drive the transformation of our energy system, whilst reaping the benefits. That roof on your factory, office or car park could host a community energy project – providing you with cheaper, greener energy whilst also directly benefiting your local community.Read more

When 2°C is too much

The release of the IPCC’s Special Report on 1.5°C has, quite rightly, caused much reflection amongst the corporate sustainability community. Read four insights we took from reading the report, along with our thoughts on the implications for our corporate partners.Read more

Community Energy and the National Grid

Nicky Conway, Sustainable Development Manager, Safety, Health and Sustainability at National Grid talks about decentralised Energy this #GreenGBWeek and why National Grid are participating in PowerPaired.Read more

Asians can build new patterns for business

Family-owned businesses in Asia, now increasingly led by a new generation of leaders, can show the way in which globalisation can work as a force for good.Read more

The limits of science-based targets

Science-based targets have quickly become de rigueur for companies with aspirations to be leaders on climate change. And quite right too. The idea that corporate targets should be based on what’s required, rather than what feels achievable, is something Forum for the Future has been advocating for some time.Read more

The power of changing narratives for systems change

To shift thinking we need to think deeply about how we communicate sustainability, argues Steph DraperRead more

Equipping future chefs for the food challenges of tomorrow

The global food landscape is shifting rapidly, thanks to changing consumer tastes and expectations, as well as a growing awareness of the relationship between food production and consumption, and the environment and human health.Read more

Improving Workers' Lives Meaningfully

In the early years of the ethical trade movement, recruitment processes, fees, and other (often hidden) costs that workers bore unduly, were identified as a root cause of abusive working conditions in global supply chains.Read more

Innovation in Construction: From printing concrete to Mirvac still changing everything

I really love it when what were once seen as completely wacky ideas cross that elusive threshold of credibility, and you suddenly find that everyone’s talking about them!Read more

Why my OBE shows that the greatest sustainability challenges lie ahead, not behind us

On Thursday, June 14th, I will be with my closest family at Buckingham Palace proudly receiving my OBE. For those outside the UK, this may not mean much (unless you’ve been watching “The Crown”), but the award is a public recognition of doing something useful — in my case, for services to sustainability.Read more

Systems thinking: Unlocking the Sustainable Development Goals

Twelve months in, and there’s been some good progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from governments, NGOs and businesses alike: looking at what’s material, making commitments, testing what’s possible and confirming shared roles in delivering these ambitions. But there’s a missing piece in all this activity, and it’s the glue that holds it all together: systems thinking.Read more

6 ways Unilever has achieved success through sustainability - and how your business can too

A year ago this week, Unilever launched its Sustainable Living Plan (USLP), one of the most ambitious strategies that a global company has ever embarked on. Pioneering a bold new business model, the company pledged to double in size at the same time as halving its environmental footprint, setting out to achieve a series of concrete targets by 2020.Read more