Systems change in practice: COVID-19 and India’s healthcare system

How can systems thinking be applied and broken down in practice? What qualifies as a ‘systemic problem’ when we talk about social change? In this long-read, Hansika Singh, Principal Strategist, explores system change through COVID-19 and India’s healthcare system. Read more

Do you want the good news? Or the bad?

Can transformative interventions from corporates balance out the evident cooling down of governmental support for green recovery packages? Here, Jonathon Porritt explores negative and positive shifts in sustainability commitments around the world in the latest of our Corporate Leadership in the Time of Corona series. Read more

Time to transform: how are you harnessing disruption to drive lasting change?

In the latest of our Corporate Leadership in the Time of Corona series, Dr Sally Uren explores how organisations are harnessing the disruption caused by COVID-19 to put us on a ‘Transform’ trajectory – one set to create a truly regenerative future in which we recognise human health equals planetary health and we deliver a just transition towards a net zero global economy. Read more

A new dawn for nature-based solutions?

In the sixth of our Corporate Leadership in the Time of Corona series, Dr Sally Uren explores the latest in nature-based solutions (NbS) and the interconnected nature of five key capitals –and calls on business to advocate for greater uptake and investment in these high-impact solutions. Read more

Build Back Fairer - and Healthier

In the fifth of our Corporate Leadership in the Time of Corona series, Jonathon Porritt explores how intricately linked climate change and public health are, and the crucial need for business to play its part in ensuring we strengthen healthcare systems in the bid to ‘build back better’ post COVID-19. Read more

A future where resilience and regeneration runs through every fibre

Dr Sally Uren discusses the context for the MMCF Vision and the plans to build on the existing MMCF Roundtable and the newer Hub in order to create a vehicle for accelerated action, faster collective innovation and problem solving as well as build resilience and regeneration. Read more

Warning: More turbulence and disruption ahead

Moving beyond lockdown doesn’t mean we are past disruption and unpredictability. James Payne, Associate Director of Transformational Strategies at Forum for the Future, weighs in on how businesses can better prepare for a turbulent decade. Read more

Time for business to find its voice, speak up and act for change

In the fourth of our Corporate Leadership in the Time of Corona series, Dr Sally Uren, explores why we must reform our economic and societal structures, and how businesses are using their vast resources and influence to build societal resilience in a world where all the rules are changing, daily. Read more

High Stakes for a Low Carbon Future

In the third of our Corporate Leadership in the time of Corona series, Jonathon Porritt looks at the way companies in the energy sector are either digging in to protect their current positions, or explicitly hoping to transform global energy markets. Read more

Transform, Collapse or Disciplined Change? How business action could determine what happens next

In the second of our Corporate Leadership in the Time of Corona series, Dr Sally Uren, explores the different possible trajectories that could emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, and highlights how business leadership could help ensure we build back better. Read more

Growing our Future: Building a Resilient and Regenerative Foundation for the Food System in the US

Lesley Mitchell, Associate Director, Sustainable Nutrition, introduces the collaborative context, vision and roadmap outlined in Forum for the Future's latest report Growing our Future: Scaling Regenerative Agriculture in the US. Read more

Aviation: no going back

Jonathon Porritt, Founder Director of Forum for the Future, examines the COVID-19 shock to the aviation industry, and what that means not just for a sustainable future for airlines, but their survival. Read more

Coronavirus Response: The green economy has regeneration at its core

Green businesses can lead the recovery and also equip others to create a more sustainable future, argues Forum for the Future's Hannah Pathak Read more

Building the future of food during crisis

Have we lost sight of a sustainable future for food? The food system is being tested, and people in the food industry are trying to manage short-term needs with essential long-term planning. Written by Lesley Mitchell and Roberta Iley. Read more

From system shock to systems change: Why we need to transform commodity value chains (and what this means for cotton)

There is a narrow window of opportunity to re-shape agricultural commodity value chain systems to be regenerative, distributive and resilient in the conditions of a post-COVID and climate-changing world. Read more

COVID-19: a dress rehearsal for the climate emergency?

Sally Uren, Chief Executive, examines how the novel COVID-19 virus could help us prepare for necessary change and the likely disruptions in the next decade, as we urgently transform entire systems to achieve carbon neutrality. Read more

Bruno Loubet: Foraging, Zen Buddhist monks and redefining beauty

Jacqueline Culleton interviews the great plant-based pioneer Bruno Loubet who led the way for many other chefs who were interested in a different way of cooking Read more

Food for thought: what will you be eating in 2040?

The climate crisis can’t be addressed by a single solution but we are beginning to see how much our food choices can help solve the climate challenge. What might your lunch of the future look like? Read more