Challenging the status quo, letting go of ‘win-wins’ and finding hope in the next generation

Jonathon Porritt, one of the co-founders of Forum for the Future, steps down after almost 30 years with the international sustainability non-profit. Here, he reflects on those three decades, and why we need to start thinking very differently about the role of business in accelerating the transition to a just and sustainable world. Read more

What does good leadership look like for financiers embracing a role in driving change?

Written by Caroline Ashley, Forum's Global Programmes Director, this blog draws on conversations with actors in and beyond finance, and on this new Forum paper on the Role of Finance in systems change. Read more

Enabling deep transformation in Asia: exploring the way forward

Forum’s Managing Director (Asia), Ariel Muller, reflects on our focus on addressing deep transformation versus shallow transitions, what we’ve learnt about enabling transformation in Asia, and how our programmes will deliver to these aims. Read more

Our new, inconvenient truth: an urgent need to address historic setbacks and root causes if the U.S. is to truly transform

Forum for the Future’s recently announced 2023-2025 strategy outlines our focus on enabling deep transformation in how we think about, produce, consume and value both food and energy, and the role of business in society and the economy. Here, Forum’s Director - Americas, Sandra Seru, reflects on current progress in the U.S. and outlines five ways in which sustainability professionals can work towards deep transformation. Read more

The most important choice we face: ‘shallow transition’ or ‘deep transformation’? Exploring how change happens

Right now, the sustainability movement faces a choice: to continue driving ‘shallow transitions’ or to start laying the foundations for the ‘deep transformation’ that’s long overdue. Forum’s Director of Global Programmes, Caroline Ashley, explores the difference between shallow and deep change. Read more