Leading systems change: nine strategies to transform the way the world works

We know that we are facing increasingly complex and interconnected challenges, from poverty and water scarcity to rising global temperatures and crashing biodiversity. Read more

No more excuses: the time for climate action is now

Climate change is the defining issue of our times, and in 2019 it is clear that climate breakdown and a deep ecological crisis are already underway. Read more

Antarctica's Front Line on Climate Change Research

At the end of last year, I was fortunate enough to have a trip down to Antarctica, to look at some of the climate-related research work being done by Antarctica New Zealand, and part-funded by Air New Zealand, our principal Partner in New Zealand. Read more

3/3: Our Work To Shift The Feed System

I’m sharing the work of the Feed Compass collaboration that works to accelerate the momentum across the animal feed system to act on sustainability. Read more

2/3: Current Action on Feed Sustainability

This blog focuses on the action being taken by organisations on feed sustainability, providing examples of opportunities and barriers to change. Read more

1/3: Why pay attention to Animal Feed

It’s time to take stock, share some of the learnings and potential pathways that can help shape a healthier, more sustainable animal feed system. Read more

Seven shifts that must happen in 2019

Seven shifts that must happen in 2019 if companies are to rise to the sustainability challenges we now face. Read more

Paul Polman: role model for today and tomorrow

Jonathon Porritt reflects on the impact of Unilever's outgoing CEO, Paul Polman, and his unwavering commitment to sustainability. Read more

The Protein Challenge: a critical juncture

In November we gathered leaders from across the food world - all partners of our Protein Challenge 2040 project - to see how we are doing collectively on that ‘meaty’ goal (sorry, couldn’t resist) that we set ourselves three years ago: how to feed 9 billion people enough protein in a way which is healthy and won’t wreck the planet by 2040. Read more

A pact with the future

Forum for the Future has been facilitating the Civil Society Futures inquiry for the past two years, trying to work out a thriving future for ‘civil society’ -- that broad swathe of everything we do for good, from charities to churches, social enterprises to social media-fuelled movements like #metoo. Read more

Can you help catalyse the next wave of community energy?

If you're an owner of buildings and land, you can help drive the transformation of our energy system, whilst reaping the benefits. That roof on your factory, office or car park could host a community energy project – providing you with cheaper, greener energy whilst also directly benefiting your local community. Read more