Forum's main colour is Earth Blue. It’s vibrant and dynamic – the most natural colour imaginable. A colour we see day in, day out – across the globe. The perfect colour for our window to the world. And it’s supported by a complementary palette inspired by nature – including space black, ice white and – used sparingly – sunset red and sunrise yellow. 


RGB 255, 179, 4

CMYK 0, 33, 100, 0

HEX #000000

RGB 0, 0, 0

CMYK 0, 0, 0, 0


RGB 0, 79, 255

CMYK 84, 69, 0, 0


RGB 255, 255, 255

CMYK 0, 0, 0, 0

HEX #E2411A

RGB 226, 65, 26

CMYK 5, 89, 100, 0

Download colour swatch


Our visual identity is supported by two core typefaces and they should be employed in part or whole in any piece of visual communication.

  • Futura PT Bold is best used for headlines, testimonials, block-quotes, statistics and more!
  • Futura PT Book should be used for body copy and short paragraphs. 

Manipulating our typefaces (beyond what is specified in these guidelines) is prohibited. Stretching, condensing, outlining and drop shadows must never be used. Type can be set in any colour from the palette but there should always be sufficient contrast with the type and the background for both visual clarity and legibility purposes.

For documents and presentations where the Futura font family is unavailable, please use Arial.