Associate Director, Climate and Energy


Developing new and improved ways of investing in sustainable outcomes, changing policy to create a sustainable economy.

I joined Forum in 2007. At the time, I was still at Imperial College writing my PhD thesis on designing localised investment funds following a stint in the European Commission, where I realised just how true 'Yes, Minister' is. It was a risk to start work before I'd finished but I'd met Alice Chapple at a EU conference in Poznan in Poland a few months before, we got chatting about putting the world to rights and a couple of drinks later, I was hooked! I knew this was a great place to be: positive, collaborative, values-led, fun, working on finance, so I applied. The best bit of my job is the diversity of areas and organisations that I work with. I get into 'the real world' developing new financial mechnaisms to  retrofit ships, invest in community energy projects and influence Government policy to enable more rapid change. At the same time, I’m working with international banks and insurance companies on setting the roadmap for a sustainable global economy. Brilliant!

Dream project at Forum?

The Second Generation Fund: creating a multibillion dollar fund that invested now purely in the interests of people to be born in the 2040s.

What floats your boat outside work?

Blasting an old BMW motorbike round country roads (my eco-sin) and falling off surfboards.

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