Who can join our Network?

We are a community of more than 950 individuals drawn from business, government and civil society. From senior leaders to young entrepreneurs. United by a shared ambition and capacity to create real and lasting change.


Our international Network brings together a critical mass of disruptive corporate giants, influential upstart businesses, social enterprises, NGOs and foundations, government and universities who share our purpose - a force of pioneers ready and willing to create new ways of doing things and transform the systems we all use and depend on to accelerate the big shift towards a sustainable future.

We believe that by building long term relationships with businesses and entrepreneurs who are innovating and disrupting for sustainability, and with multinationals, where the global scale of their operations makes them especially well-placed to lead and drive progress across entire systems, we can bring benefit to our members individually, the Network as a whole, and give Forum a better chance of achieving our purpose, to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future.

We welcome new organisations to the Network who can demonstrate some or all of the following:

  • a determination to learn about good practice in addressing future-driven trends and experiment with disruptive innovation in the systems in which they operate and their sectors

  • a pursuit of innovative and ground-breaking business models fit for the future and an enthusiasm to share their learning with others

  • a core business capable of being pursued on a truly sustainable basis

  • a commitment to improvement of their environmental and social performance, including elements of sectoral leadership

Forum retains the right to review all applications to join the Network to ensure synergy with our charitable purpose.


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