School of System Change is launching

Basecamp #1 : a seed course for the School of System Change

Applications are open to join Basecamp#1 : a learning journey for 24 timely adventurers from all walks of life, accompanied by a dozen guides, all seeking to stretch their core system change capabilities: diagnosis, strategy, innovation, collaboration, and leadership.

The course will be running part time over 3 months

Basecamp is about applying systems thinking in practice, through case studies, real-life complex sustainability challenges and with coaching and support to implement systemic change in each change-maker’s own context or field of work.

On return from this learning journey, Basecamp adventurers will be

  • Capable of mapping, understanding and diagnosing complex systems
  • Prepared to make the right choices about when and where to act to purposely create positive change
  • Having tested their skills on complex real-life challenges with a strong sustainability focus
  • Equipped with a tool-kit of varied approaches and methods for driving systemic change, propagating systems thinking and facilitating collaboration
  • Linked to a powerful international network of people and support
  • Ready to lead transformational change in their own field


What will I be learning?

Diagnosis - diagnosing complex sustainability challenges using systems thinking
Strategy - designing system change interventions as a strategy for transformation
Innovation - developing innovative solutions that seek to create scalable and systemic impact
Collaboration - facilitating and building partnerships and coalitions for change
Leadership - exploring personal leadership in the context of a complex future


How much will it cost?

Fees for Basecamp#1 are:

Corporate / central government : £7,500

NGO / social enterprise / public sector : £5,250

Small organisation / freelance / individual : £3,570

30% discount for Forum for the Future Network members


How do I apply?

Fill in the online application form before 23 January 2017.

All applicants will be contacted to take the conversation further.


Frequently asked questions

About the School of System Change

Systems do change. We’re setting off with a purpose: to explore creating the change we want. The School is going to map the emerging field of system change for sustainability, and get (lots) more people and their organisations inspired, geared up and venturing out to implement transformational change. We invite you to come along. 

The going may be tough, the visibility poor, the environment fast-changing; as a global community our new skills will help us meet these challenges. Together we will think in systems, design strategies, implement and innovate systemically and reach for wider impact. We will be collaborative, interconnected, learning and leading through practice, and continuously updating our knowledge to match the evolving landscape.  

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A systemic diagnosis of your challenge

Basecamp #1

We want to grow the School of System Change with you

We are growing a community of teachers, learners and practitioners. We’d like to hear from you if you’d like to come along. 

 Change agents

You’re a sustainability professional or a practitioner from a different sector looking to build your capacity in system change for sustainability.

Businesses and organisations

You’re looking at how to build the capacity of your team, your organisation or your beneficiaries.

Educators and learning institutions

You run a sustainability, social innovation or design related programme and you want to   plug in system change content.

Please contact Laura Winn if you're interested to partner with us, learn with us, or just hear more about our plans.


A coalition of sponsors

Our development is funded by Diageo Foundation (lead sponsor), Lankelly Chase and C&A Foundation, with contributions from Forum’s pioneer partners. We’ll be developing our proposition for delivery over the next year. We’ll be piloting flexible content, modules and learning experiences with our Network and Partners, with the intention of launching our first full learning programme in 2017.

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