Principal Sustainability Strategist (Sustainable Finance)


Prior to joining Forum I worked as the Director of Research and Lead in Sustainable Protein for a mission-driven consultancy in Singapore. We worked in collaboration with institutional investors to engage with listed protein-related companies across Asia - to advocate for transparency and improved reporting, and process and policy change.

My background is in banking and finance, where I spent nearly 20 years working for multinational banks in various roles across various divisions from financial control to treasury, institutional broking, global markets and wealth management and private banking. My specialisation is equity and publicly traded markets, where I’ve been a research analyst, investment analyst, stock trader and strategist. I feel privileged to be able to now apply my strategy experience, analytical skills, financial product and market knowledge to my work in sustainable finance. I believe finance can be a true lever for change, that the financial sector has a role to play in catalysing that change, and that capital can be mobilised and deployed as a force for good.

Dream project

I’ve always dreamt of setting up an impact fund that supported businesses run by and for women - where female entrepreneurs were mentored, given the technical support and resources and training to be able to succeed, and where profits from the fund were reinvested into addressing issues of gender equality, access to education for girls, reproductive health rights, gender-based-violence and employment opportunities for women.

And anything to do with education. I believe in life-long learning and that everyone should have access to it.

What floats my boat outside work

Dance dance dance. At one stage I wanted to become a choreographer. It started with classical ballet, and I still walk and run like a duck. Also, a huge lover of the arts, music, literature, and anything cultural. I feel most alive and free when traveling, or out in nature and hiking.

Oh, and my cello George, like all musical instruments, he is a work of art.


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