Senior Change Designer


Originally from São Paulo, Brazil I work as a Change Designer based in Forum for the Future’s London office. My role involves using applied futures and a systems approach to design projects and large programmes that disrupt the status-quo and contribute to a just and regenerative future.

Our partners have the ability to drive systemic change and catalyse positive outcomes beyond their own four walls. My job is to help them grapple with uncertainty and complexity in a changing world and support them in identifying how and where to take action.

While contributing directly to projects, I also work to build the connective tissue between them, be they ideas, people, tools, or learnings and find ways to ensure that these connections ladder up to contribute to biggest possible impact for a just and regenerative future.

I graduated from the School of Oriental and African Studies, part of the University of London, with a bachelors in Politics and Economics. More specifically, I researched the changing nature of religious nationalism in Saudi Arabia and the ways in which the state, women, and young people have affected that change.

After graduating, I spent several years working around the world in different sectors. I began in Austria with adventure tourism, then the food sector in New Zealand, finally overseeing architecture and urban renovations in Portugal and, throughout this time, returning to the heart of the USA's summer camping industry. Never one to follow a strictly traditional path, I found a home at Forum for the Future where diversity of thought is welcomed, my perspectives are valued, and my true freak flag can fly.

What floats my boat?

An avid skier and hiker, you’ll find me outdoors when I’m not stuffing my face with homemade mac & cheese.


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