The new Futures Centre platform is now live.

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The next 6-18 months are critical - what we choose to do as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 crisis will either lock us into unsustainable practices or set us on a path towards a more just, sustainable and resilient world.

As we all grapple with 'what next?', we first need to understand how and why the world around us is changing right now.

The new Futures Centre, with funding from Omidyar Network, is a free, participatory platform ​​created by, and for, change makers working together to explore the latest ideas, innovations and developments - and what they may mean for creating a more sustainable and just future.

The new site builds on what users told us they loved, while also bringing you more topical analysis and tools to help inform sustainability efforts. It allows you to personalise your experience based on your interests and needs - by registering, you'll be able to:

  • set up email notifications on the areas that matter most to you 
  • bookmark content for quick access
  • share content easily across your social channels to engage people in debate
  • receive tailored invites to join global conversations dedicated to sharing insights 
  • have all your signals of change attributed to your user profile.

Visit the new platform

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