Next Generation South Asia

Supporting a global agency to understand the future sources of vulnerability for children and adolescents in South Asia and how they might prevent and address them.

5 things we learned on regenerative architecture and design in India

On the 1st November Forum collaborated with our long-time partner Interface to gather some of the best architects and designers together in Mumbai.

Net Positive: how a new frame on sustainability can drive the outcomes we need

Committing to a Net Positive approach can enable your business to develop a leading strategy that robustly responds to the SDGs and Paris Agreement, and sets it on a path to long-term value creation. Joining the NPP community brings its additional, unique benefits, including the opportunity to tap into insights from those leading the Net Positive agenda today, and thrive off members’ energy and optimism.

Thoughts on quality energy access in rural Jharkhand

How does a rural Santhal tribal community perceive energy access?

Politics vs Technology – why banning driverless cars isn’t the way to protect jobs

Our Minister for Transport, Nitin Gadkari, made a pretty stark statement recently: he said that driverless cars would be banned in India. Banning things is a habit here, but this one seems particularly challenging, not just for Google and Tesla et al, but for the country as a whole.

How will you come alive as part of the energy system?

A new wave of organisations is transforming our energy network by changing how they participate in it; shifting their role from being a passive user in the energy system to an active player.

Changing diets in India

In preparation for a recent trip to Mumbai, I started following several Mumbai food instagrammers to anticipate the new restaurants and dishes that awaited me. Having lived in Mumbai 10 years ago, I’m familiar with Mumbaikers’ obsessive love of food.

Future Proofing Linen

Realising the need for transformation in an uncertain value chain.

What can demonetisation mean for sustainability?

In the last three months, India has gone through what some argue to be the most critical economic shift since its trade liberalisation in 1991 – demonetisation.

Do chickens read at night? Options for sustainable rural electrification in India

Whilst India ‘transitions’ with the fastest growing global economy (+7.6% GDP), are the 18,452 un-electrified villages are getting a taste of India’s rapidly growing and changing economy? Reading is arguably the most important vehicle for gaining knowledge.


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