Personal Assistant


After graduating with a Law degree, I was unsure about whether a legal career was the right path for me so stumbling across Forum was possibly the best thing that could've happened. I've always had a passion for bettering the planet and combatting serious issues like global warming and climate change. In 2019, I attended the student-led climate change protests and it was truly an unforgettable experience. Seeing so many young people be so vocal in demanding climate action made me feel hopeful for the future and also encouraged me even more so to push for change. At university, I also joined the Amnesty Society whereby I participated in & organised different events and collaborated with other societies like the Eco Team Society. It opened my eyes to the world of sustainability and how much of an impact we, as people, have on our planet.

Dream project

My dream project would be to head towards a deforestation-free future. The devastating effects of deforestation have negatively impacted not only the planet and its ecosystem but also the conservation of wildlife and the homes of Indigenous Peoples. As it threatens environmental sustainability and can lead to a gradual decline in plant, animal and human life, we need to focus on ways in which we can end deforestation once and for all. Whether it be by putting pressure on governments to make serious policies or by confronting giant corporations and demanding they adopt a more eco-friendly way of operating, I believe we have the power to make this change possible.

What floats my boat outside of work

I love reading, listening to music, riding my bike, animals and true crime documentaries/podcasts. Additionally, I've always been outspoken on current social issues and anything activism-related, and so I decided to run an Instagram account where I'm able to share such opinions.