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+1 415 225 0631

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Director, Forum US


Sandra leads Forum’s US-based team, where we are growing our network across North and South America and driving transformational collaborations in sectors such as food, fashion, retail and consumer products.
Sandra’s foray into the world of sustainable development began at non-profit Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), where she partnered with mining companies and indigenous communities across North and South America.
Sandra then joined beverage company Diageo’s sustainability team to develop its first global Sustainability & Responsibility strategy, following time in the company’s finance and corporate strategy team. Most recently, Sandra ran strategy and operations at The B Team, helping the organization grow a movement of business leaders who believe in the principles of shared responsibility, inclusion, trust and partnership.

My dream project? Any cross-sector partnership where we problem solve with people ready to open their minds to new perspectives and innovation on issues such as human rights, economic development, water security or renewable energy growth.

What floats my boat outside of work? I love to travel, whether visiting family abroad or discovering new places, cultures and food. I’m also a born-again runner, blues pianist want-to-be, and a high school mentor. 


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