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I am one of Forum’s experts in Energy and Transport, and have led our work on sustainable mobility for the last four years. This has meant an exciting range of projects, from working on the everyday (improving understanding of driving behaviour by families as part of Shell’s Smarter Drivers, Smarter Choices project) to the mega scale – Forum’s Sustainable Shipping Initiative and Megacities on the Move projects.

Likewise my experience has spanned a wide range of ethical challenges. After student placements working on guided missiles and a spell as a management consultant in the City failed to deliver a warm feeling inside, I gained an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College and moved into sustainability consultancy, working with large organisations to assess and improve their sustainability performance. This work covered a number of sectors including financial, manufacturing and oil & gas companies and local government, and has taken me to diverse locations from Central Asia to North Sea oil platforms. This experience only served to highlight the urgency of the sustainability challenges we face, and the need to push beyond conventional business thinking and horizons, which led me to join Forum for the Future in 2007.

My dream project? To take new models of car ownership to scale, moving away from the conventional ownership which swallows family income, increases driving and makes it harder for more sustainable vehicles to succeed in the market. Our project experience has shown that many families keep cars they don’t need much and can’t afford. By using more imaginative, flexible approaches like car clubs in combination with bikes, public transport and conventional ownership, families can save money and hassle and get fitter, while still having the right kind of vehicle available when they need it.

What floats my boat outside work? Outside work, in the enormous amount of free time my young son leaves available, I cycle everywhere and grow vegetables. Rather less on-message are a classic car, Indian food (preferably in India), and an embarrassing level of aircraft knowledge.

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