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Principal Sustainability Advisor - Innovation


I’m part of the System Innovation team at Forum. I work on innovation, using creative and futures techniques, mainly related to food, ICT and healthcare. My job is all about creating sustainable and innovative long-term solutions. My background as an industrial & service designer gives me a great footing to use design and creative methods to help us get there.

I’m excited about the process of generating not only one massive answer but a mass of answers that can help us tackle the sustainability challenges of this century. I use design processes, people-centred research and future scenarios to generate new business models and concepts for services or products that will lead industries and change systems. Recently I’ve been collaborating with Ecover exploring how a business can work more like an ecosystem with the Glocal project. Glocal is an experimental project to explore producing cleaning products using local ‘waste’ materials, local manufacturing methods and global knowledge.

I also have worked with Sony, and a variety of experts on Futurescapes which is a platform to explore how technology can enable sustainable lifestyles in 2025.

In the past I worked in telecommunications, product and service development and advertising, with companies like Telmex/America Movil and Leo Burnett. But I soon realised this wasn’t quite what I wanted for my career. So, I decided to travel by land from Mexico City to Ushuaia (the end of the world in the Southern Argentina) and study sustainability with people in local communities along the way.

After that fantastic odyssey, I came to the UK to do an MA in Sustainability and Design - happily merging all my design experience with my passion for sustainability. In 2011 I co-founded Engage by Design a sustainable design research studio which focusses on the use of design as tool for change. I also helped organise ‘Designers Accord’ town halls here in the UK which helps change the way the creative community does business.

My dream project? My dream project would involve collaboration between health experts, technology geeks and social shamans on a global level.

What floats your boat outside work? I really enjoy historic novels especially those by Paco Ignacio Taibo II or essays from Eduardo Galeano or Julio Cortazar’s dialectic. I like to watch films, especially sagas, at the moment I’m really into Masami Kurumada. Sharing meals with family and shooting the breeze.

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