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Senior Sustainability Advisor


I work on a variety of projects across Forum’s work, from the Community Energy Coalition to Horizons, from Living North Sea Initiative to Engaging Investors.

Never one to take a conventional path, I followed my mathematics and literature degree with a brief career in the circus, drawn by the glamour of the big top. But despite the magic of trapeze and acrobatics, I was increasingly troubled by the problems I was witnessing in the world around me. I wanted to join the fight for solutions. A leap from circus to sustainability might seem like a big one, but systems-thinking often requires the skills similar to those of an expert juggler and the focus of a high-wire walker.

So I headed down the road to Forum for the Future and completed their masters programme in Leadership for Sustainable Development. Work placements in business, finance and government gave me an insight into the inner workings of industry and politics, and set me up nicely to begin a permanent role within Forum.

And so here I am, making the most of my creative past and love of logic. Seeing things differently is what I do best; I’m putting that to good use at Forum.

What would your dream Forum project be? I’m still trying to work that out – but it would involve changing hearts and minds.

What floats your boat outside work? I’m a committed urban explorer, forever on journeys to keep on top of London’s secrets, mainly by bike, occasionally stopping off for strong coffee, good food and live music. The spaces in between are filled with scrabble and day dreams of life on a house boat.

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