Principal Strategist


I’m a member of the Sustainable Business team, helping our partners develop ambitious goals and strategies to shift their businesses and wider operating environments onto a more sustainable path – and plugging them into opportunities for cross-sector, multi-stakeholder collaboration to shift whole systems.

I got to Forum in a slightly roundabout way. I began my career as a research consultant, evaluating government and public sector programmes for housing, regeneration and sustainable communities. I then moved into responsible business, and over the next 7 years became convinced that incrementalism simply won’t get us where we need to be fast enough – but also increasingly excited by the possibilities of disruptive business model innovation and systems change.

I’d say my academic background – economics, politics and international development – has helped inform my approach. It’s clear to me that we need to understand not only how businesses impact the world around them, but also how global, long-term trends have the potential to transform whole sectors and even economies. This is no longer just a theory. For me, it’s a privilege to help our partners figure out how they can harness these changes to create a better future.

My dream project

Having lived in Asia for three-and-a-half years before joining Forum, I believe passionately that travel brings our global society closer together. Yet aviation is a major contributor to global emissions. I would love to convene the industry and its key partners to develop a roadmap toward net positive, for example through accelerating development and adoption of low-carbon biofuels, alongside offsetting/reforestation initiatives.

I'll be greedy and add a second. I'd really like to explore how the tools and processes of sustainable business – megatrends analysis, future scenarios, and so on – could be leveraged by governments, think tanks or others to design not only better policies, but enhanced processes for policymaking and political engagement around today’s big, disruptive challenges like climate change, automation/AI and economic inequality – moving from tactical and short-term, to visionary and strategic. In other words, shift our political system onto a more sustainable trajectory. 

What floats my boat outside work

I spent a lot of my time in Asia exploring the wider continent; now that I’m back in Europe, I plan to do the same here. At home, my creative outlet is music; I have an ever-expanding record collection and have been known to DJ. Other than that I love to eat out with friends, explore London’s varied neighbourhoods, or just stay home and read.


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