School of System Change

In the face of complex challenges, there are not enough people operating with the capacity to shift systems.

Growing a global community of change agents is our best chance to accelerate a transition to a sustainable future.

The School of System Change is bringing together these accomplished and aspiring change agents so they can learn from one another's experience and become better equipped to bring about transformational change.


Practise the ways of a systems changer through courses, resources and community.



Meet inspiring people who are contributing to the School's development across the world.


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"The tools and methodologies shared have provided me with a reproducible method that I can apply across different sectors, issues and value chains."

Nick Cliffe, Innovation Lead, Innovate UK.

Our vision for the School of System Change

We are equipping people with the capabilities to lead system change initiatives addressing complex sustainability challenges. The School will offer flexible access to the best learning experiences, tools, case studies from the field of system change. We are growing a global community of practice by connecting existing networks of change agents who want to shift whole systems.

Who is the School for?

Change agents

You want to continually improve your capacity to change systems and make them more sustainable.


You want to design and deliver a strategy that will have systemic impact and make your organisation future fit.

Learning Providers

You want to help others think and act in systems and develop into agents of change.

Growing the School to reach our ambition

We are proposing a collaborative process, true to the systems change approach, to develop our forward strategy, ensure our work is scalable and combines with others.



We currently have three Basecamp courses underway and we’re conducting a review, looking at our activity to date before launching further courses later this year. In the meantime please register your interest at the bottom of the page.


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We are co-designing tools to navigate the field of system change and its rich diversity of approaches and skills. We want to create an open digital platform where people can come together to deepen their system change practice, which we will be designing with the users themselves.




We are open to contributions from a wide range of people and organisations who share our enthusiam and our ambition for a sustainable future, and our desire to learn from each other. If you want to be a part of this, be in touch.



"Mapping out the system has been incredibly useful for our work on inclusivity and diversity."

Rachel Barton, Responsible Business Manager, Sky.


Anna Birney

Anna is head of System Innovation Lab at Forum for the Future and Director of the School, driving the vision and ambition internationally. Anna brings her practical experience of equipping people and organisations with cutting edge tools for system change, and deeper thinking and enquiry fro her PhD.

Chris Roorda

Chris is a senior researcher, consultant and trainer at the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions, where he links Transition management and system change practice. Chris is contributing his continental European perspective and long-term sustainability vision.

Jean Boulton

Jean researches, writes and teaches about complexity. She investigates how to deal with a complex, interconnected, often fast-changing and uncertain world. Jean is particularly supporting contributors at the School in learning from each other and learning through teaching.

Jen Berman

Jen is a consultant for the Garfield Foundation’s Collaborative Networks Program in the US, initiating and supporting system change projects. Jen is engaged in sharing experience among practitioners, with a particular focus on the role of philanthropy.

Laura Winn

Laura is Head of the School of System Change, coordinating the emergent strategy, and ensuring this initiative is run as a sustainable system change venture. Laura brings her experience of social enterprise, new economic structures, and multi-stakeholder governance.

Marijke de Pous

As director of the Transition Academy at DRIFT (Dutch Research Institute for Transitions), Marijke creates learning environments for transformative change. She is designing complementary learning offers between the School and the academy.

Marshall Clemens

Marshall is founder of Idiagram. He helps corporations, NGOs, and foundations grapple with complex sustainability issues to create large-scale systems change. Marshall is sharing his skills in systemic analysis and mapping systems with the School community.

Praveen Nahar

Praveen is a senior faculty member at the National Institute of Design in India, where he teaches and has research interests in Systems Thinking and Design. He is contributing an Asian perspective to the School, leading the co-design of activities in this geography.

Ray Ison

Ray is professor of systems at the Open University. His research, teaching and consultancy spans biophysics, cybernetics and systems thinking in practice. Ray is researching and co-designing the peer-to-peer learning system for the School community.

Stephanie Draper

Stephanie is Deputy CEO at Forum for the Future, where she leads many system-wide change projects, and overseas activity in Asia Pacific. An expert in collaborative processes and sustainable development, she brings Forum for the Future's experience and case studies to the School.

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