Sustainable Futures Fellow


I am joining Forum as a Sustainable Futures Fellow after recently having graduated from Yale-NUS College, where I completed a BSc in Environmental Studies.

My interests have always revolved around ecology and land, and it is this fascination with the natural world that keeps me grounded and motivated to be involved in activities that benefit people and the environment. In college, I spent a significant amount of time aiding research efforts. Most of this time was spent outdoors – walking in the mud and tidal creeks in Singapore’s mangrove forests and chasing after otters along the city’s waterways. I have also tried to remain in touch with environmental issues back home in Nepal, and I continue to learn more about hydropower, agriculture, and forestry.

The liberal arts curriculum at Yale-NUS College has helped me see connections between multiple disciplines and learn about how they can collectively bring change in discourse and action. At Forum, I hope to further these skills in systems and futures thinking while contributing to the creation of a just and regenerative future.

Dream project

I’d love to work on a project that focuses on the natural environment in the region. The project would acknowledge the social and environmental complexity of the endeavour and would work with the multitude of actors that are deeply embedded in the issue.

What floats my boat outside work

I have a deep curiosity to understand why/how things came to be the way they are, and I often spend hours trying to learn about the world and its intricacies. My love for learning languages and listening to different accents is partly fuelled by this desire to understand belonging and history.

When I am not pensive about human existence, I enjoy playing (and watching) football, going on hikes, and spotting wildlife. Recently, I have started rock climbing, and I have been absolutely hooked. I also like puns!

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