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Forum for the Future US brings all of Forum’s system innovation, futures and sustainable business tools and expertise to solve sustainability challenges across North America.

Working with major businesses including Target, Walmart and McDonald’s, smaller companies like Method and Annie’s, and NGOs such as The Rainforest Alliance, we have helped reshape the business models and convene the coalitions capable of creating lasting change.

We believe that only by keeping a keen eye on what the future might hold can we make sound decisions for the longer term.

We also believe that the key systems that we rely on, like food and energy, are broken and in need of complete transformation. Forum equips its Network members with the knowledge, training and practical tools to innovate. We provide them with a platform for collaboration where they can test solutions and make their successes bigger and better.

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Forum opened its first international office in New York in 2010 with only one employee. Since then we've grown rapidly, and today we have a team of nine with plans to expand further as our US-based work increases.

Our key audience are those organizations that recognise the need for change and have the capacity to drive it, and includes large corporations, governments, smaller businesses, entrepreneurs, funders or non-profits.

The organizations we work with understand that the global context is changing. They realize that social and environmental pressures, including climate change, increasingly volatile markets and resource scarcity, are rapidly changing the business landscape.

We use futures thinking to both shape the change agenda and to prepare our partners for a radically different future that they can help create.

That’s why some of the US’s biggest household names have come knocking at our door. In recent years we have built strong relations with Ingersoll Rand, Nike, McDonald’s, PepsiCo, DuPont and several other companies based in the US, helping them turn intention into action by using our tools and expertise to provide roadmaps for a sustainable future. We have used futures techniques to develop global scenarios for different sectors, including for a sustainable fashion industry in 2025 with Levi Strauss and Co. And since 2014 we’ve been working with retail giants Target and Walmart and the the Retail Industry Leaders Association to explore the future of consumerism in the context of the personal care industry. We have also delivered projects in conjunction with the Rockefeller Foundation, General Mills, Coca-Cola, the EPA and Unilever.

We can work together to transform systems

Join Forum for the Future's Network in the US and connect with a global community of leaders united by their ambition and capacity to create real and lasting change.

There are three levels of Network membership: MemberPartnerPioneer Partner.

Get in touch with Samantha Veide to find out more about becoming a member and working with us in the US.


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Forum for the Future US Inc is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization and a licensed Trademark of Forum for the Future.


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