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As a world leader in accelerating the big shift to a sustainable future, Forum for the Future has spent nearly two decades working with business, government and other organisations to tackle some of the most complex challenges. Although our geographical reach is rapidly evolving as we grow our international presence, Forum’s headquarters and a significant proportion of our 73-strong workforce remain in the UK’s London office.

Since 1996, we have been fine-tuning the futures techniques and sustainable business tools and practices that we use to help prepare our partners for a radically different tomorrow, and have helped some of the world’s biggest organisations such as Unilever, PepsiCo and Nike find ways to create a sustainable future.

Our systems-based approach to building meaningful and lasting change runs through our operations and relies on establishing strong and powerful coalitions with stakeholders across value networks. Our dedicated team of experts in the UK has spent years earning the respect and trust of organisations, big and small, which enables us to provide trusting and creative environments where even competitors can come together to collaborate.

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Forum’s story began in London in 1996, when its founders Jonathon Porritt, Sara Parkin and Paul Ekins - three leading figures of the UK environment movement - established our first office in a basement in Lavington Street, just behind the site of the new Tate Modern. Their mission was simple: to accelerate the shift to a sustainable future.

As Forum’s reputation for being a pragmatic, solutions-focused sustainability non-profit grew quickly, so did our list of members and project partners, which have included some of the world's biggest and best-known multinationals, as well as prominent NGOs, governments and new enterprises.

Within two years, the organisation’s workforce had more than doubled in size and so we set up base in a larger office in City Road, which accommodated our growing team and served as base for the newly launched Masters course in Leadership for Sustainable Development. In 2000, we opened our second London office at the current site of Ironmonger Row.

Today, Forum employs around 60 full time equivalent staff in the UK, who have responsibility for all of our domestic projects, such as Farm Power, The Big Energy Vision and the Community Energy Coalition, and maintaining its busy calendar of UK-based Network events. All of Forum’s initiatives in Africa, Europe and the North Sea, such as EU-Innovate and Glocal, are run from London, and the office also provides a crucial supportive role to our regional offices as they develop and grow.

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