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India’s need for action is plain to see.

The country’s capital is the most polluted on the planet; half of its population work on farms already being hit by the impacts of climate change; and many others suffer overcrowded, congested living in fast growing cities plagued by corruption. Heavy dependence on coal makes it a growing cause of global warming, as well as a victim of it.

Yet these challenges are meeting a dynamic response. Indian entrepreneurs are driving rapid progress in renewable energy and water efficiency. Its IT specialists are designing technical breakthroughs for the rural grassroots and the urban metropolis. Citizens have found their voices on many previously unspoken issues, and are loudly demanding action. Modi and his government - elected with a huge mandate - is starting to respond. Change is afoot and Forum for the Future is accelerating it.

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We opened our office in Mumbai in 2013 and are fast building an expert reputation for using our world class futures techniques to develop ‘future-ready’ business strategies with Indian firms such as the Aditya Birla Group.

A key focus of our work in India is energy. In a country where half the population lacks access to reliable electricity supplies, ensuring the sustainable transformation of the energy system is as challenging as it is urgent. We have drawn together stakeholders from across the energy sector, including the Shell Foundation, the Ashden India Collective, global businesses such as Tata Power, entrepreneurs and the CLEAN network to tackle issues such as the skills gap in providing access to energy at scale.

Our India work is directed from Mumbai by Anna Warrington. Our wider ‘Team India’ includes research assistant Pallavi Ahuja and an ecosystem of Indian expert freelancers including Lara Sinha and Megha Wadhawan. Jonathon Porritt plays a key advisory role.

We can work together to transform systems

With its economic potential and intellectual might, India could be a key driver of a global, sustainable future. Whatever your field, Forum has the tools, knowledge and expertise to help you spot and capitalise on the opportunities presented by today’s volatile and changing world for economic, social and environmental reward.

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