Shaping the future of protein

“We can no longer meaningfully separate our dietary choices from their impact on the health of our bodies and of the planet. We need new ideas and new and healthy proteins with a low environmental impact to help us achieve this.” - Tim Finnigan, Director R&D & Technology, Quorn

The Protein Challenge 2040 is the first global coalition of its kind, aiming to tackle the question: How do we provide 9 billion people with enough protein in a way that is healthy, affordable and good for the planet?

Convened and facilitated by Forum for the Future, the coalition is led by a unique group of international businesses, NGOs and organisations, including leading retailers Ahold Delhaize, Target and Waitrose, feed ingredient companies Evonik and Volac, food manufacturers Firmenich, The Hershey Company, Nestle and Quorn, and WWF.

Read the Protein Challenge summary report.

Tackling the protein question

Having diagnosed the global protein system and identified areas ripe for critical action, the group honed these down into practical pilot projects to be run in the US and UK, with plans for expansion into more geographies for wider impact.

Explore our live pilot projects, and read the Shaping the Future of Protein report for more information on all areas identified for action.

Encouraging the consumption of more plant-based proteins Making livestock and fish-based protein production more sustainable

Impact to date

From a small but unusual partnership founded in 2015 to coalition of leading businesses and organisations today, the Protein Challenge 2040 has played a major role in helping to shape the global conversation and action on the future of protein.

A report produced by Forum for the Future in 2016 highlighted the rise of flexitarianism. This received attention across a wide swathe of media titles ranging from Huffington Post to the Daily Mail, and the growing buzz and interest carried into 2017, with the entry of new products and dishes catering to the flexitarian market. The Protein Challenge 2040 has also consulted informally towards the Meat: The Future white paper written for and debated by the World Economic Forum 2018; consulted for the Livestock Levy report on the concept of meat taxes by FAIRR; and catalysed the first international event focusing on sustainable animal feed, the Feed Protein Vision 2018 event, with leading trade titles Feed Navigator and Food Navigator.  

What can you do?

The Protein Challenge 2040 initiative is looking for more participants, members and food industry leaders with the expertise, funding or networks to accelerate progress on scaling up more sustainable practices in the consumption and production of protein.

If you or your organisation may have the resources to help take things forward:

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