The challenge

Some businesses have begun to successfully integrate sustainability into business-as-usual, but even the leading companies are some way off a genuinely sustainable business model; one that is commercially successful by delivering social value within environmental limits. Our leading partners have told us that they are beginning to reach the boundaries of what they can do; if they want to go further they have to innovate their business models.


What we are doing

The Pioneers Group is a specialist network for our partners who are creating the next wave of corporate sustainability: sustainable business models. It connects global pioneers from across different sectors who get together every two months to learn from each other and help each other to overcome the barriers they are facing to creating step-change.

We have set ourselves an ambitious five year target: to help at least three companies decouple financial success from negative impacts, that is, reconciling growth with sustainable development. We believe the Pioneers Group will help us reach that goal, and so create the stories, frameworks, lessons learnt and more that help organisations around the world put sustainability at their heart.


How does the Pioneers Group work?

The group meet six times per year to help each other to solve the challenges that they are facing in creating step-change through more sustainable business models.

Each meeting is hosted by a different member organisation.  The host presents a challenge they are facing and the group then help them to explore possible solutions.  The meetings are held under Chatham House rules so members are encouraged to be as candid as they like.  Where the challenges sit outside the sustainability team, the host brings along the colleagues who are closest to it.

We experiment with different problem-solving techniques at each meeting and make sure that the outcomes are as practical as possible.  Using the practical solutions we then derive generic lessons that all business can learn from when trying to create step-change within their own organisations.


What are the benefits?

  • Learn from peers’ experiences in using sustainability for financial success, change programmes and integrating sustainability considerations into decision-making.
  • Learn new problem-solving techniques that can be used in your own organisation.
  • Build relationships with other leading companies who are striving to push forward the sustainable business agenda.
  • Help to shape Forum’s thinking around sustainable business models and how to create step-change.
  • Be acknowledged and celebrated as leaders in sustainability because of your membership of this exclusive group.


Join us

Membership of the group is available to all Forum members and partners. Pioneer partners are able to join the group free of charge. Forum corporate partners and members are asked to contribute £8,500 (excluding VAT) per year.

To join, or for more information please contact Zoe Le Grand.


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