Forget the doom and gloom sayers. A low carbon future might actually be a better place to be.

We could be living healthier, more prosperous lives in stronger, better connected and cleaner communities.

This future world is achievable. Find out how it might be different, what your life might look like, and what products and services could be doing well.

Welcome to a positive low carbon future...

Future Positive
, Green Futures, 27th September, 2007
Airships and indoor allotments
, New Consumer, 4th October 2007
Future innovations
, Greenormal, 10th October 2007
Green Vision
, Green Thing blog, 10th October 2007
How will we be living in 2022?
The Guardian, 31st October, 2007
The future's greener: Vertical farms and computerised car convoys could be just around the corner
, The Independent, 11th September, 2008

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