The challenge

We know that changes in technology and resource prices are challenging the globalised production of products and services. The question is at what point will it make sense to manufacture more things locally and what should those things be? It is very hard to predict so instead GLOCAL will pilot this approach so that we can continually learn - rather than try and predict.


What we are doing about it

Imagine a business model that delivers products based on the optimal use of locally available resources that can endlessly be re-grown, re-cycled or re-used.

Imagine having lots of small production units driven by and improving the local context, but under a global knowledge network. 

GLOCAL is an experimental project to explore producing cleaning products using local ‘waste’ materials, local manufacturing methods and global knowledge. The end goal is to find a commercially viable way of doing this and develop the ultimate sustainable business model for the emerging bio-economy. 

We hope to prototype GLOCAL in Mallorca. Why Mallorca? Because it is very easy to clearly define what we mean by local (it is an island), it has abundant natural resources (both renewable energy and waste from agriculture e.g. citrus and olives) and it uses a lot of cleaning materials (the island has a massive tourism industry). Currently Mallorca imports much of what is needed to support its tourism industry and the environmental and social consequences are becoming more and more obvious. There is a clear need for local solutions that don't compromise the natural environment - one of the main reasons people visit the island. 

We have a great team of people working with us on the project including Ecover, the University of Barcelona, Daniel Wahl, Rezatec, Artifex Baleares, Tot-Herba, Ecoquimic and the University of Balearic Islands. We’re currently jointly looking for funding opportunities to make the prototype a reality. If you would like to involved, please do get in touch

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“Glocal is helping us envision a model in which Ecover goes beyond producing and distributing globally to become a knowledge centre and a catalyst for local production and local businesses.” - Tom Domen, Long Term Innovation Manager, Ecover


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