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Pioneer Partners are already leading on sustainability in their sector and beyond.
They are taking the long and challenging journey towards being a truly sustainable organization

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Pioneer Partners receive all the benefits of Network membership


  • A dedicated and experienced Partner Manager will check-in regularly, gain a strong understanding of your core business activity, develop and coordinate your work programme, explore your challenges with you and identify areas where you can deliver ambitious change and impact.
  • Senior level engagement. Exclusive invitations to members of your senior management to attend high level annual dinners (CSO/CEO) both in the UK and US, hosted by Forum’s Senior Executives.
  • Contribution to a tailored work programme supporting specific transformation targets. Helping an organisation transform itself and the systems it is part of, and meeting our mission to accelerate a sustainable future. Can include a bespoke horizon scan to identify system change options.
  • Membership of the Pioneers Group. Pioneer partners join a group of advanced sustainability peers exploring how to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future. 2017 will use many of the tools and approaches discussed in the past two years in specific contexts (the dynamic trends developing now that could have massive positive impact for sustainability). Meetings held every two months including a one-off 24-hour deep dive session. Contact Christie Clarke for info about the Pioneers Group.

    plus a selection from any of the following:

Futures module:

  • Bespoke horizon scan to fit in with the planning cycle. This will supplement Forum’s annual Future of Sustainability report released to the Network each December. A facilitated presentation in your organisation by our Futures Centre Curator of the trends (either in person or online) to broaden exposure of the work.
  • Custom editorial on how you see the future. The option of interviewing  2-3 of your organisation’s staff to explore how you see the future, to uncover the areas of high change potential they are seeing or working with. Forum will publish and promote this.
  • 20% discount on sponsorship of a Futures Centre Explorer, a month-long curated deep-dive to discover the latest developments in a signal of change affecting your industry and explore the implications for your business, with online discussion and a public sensemaking event.

School of System Change (SOSC)  programme module

The School offers thinking, tools, experience & network to equip a global community of changemakers to lead systemic change.

  • One place on pioneering seed course, sharing practical tools for changing systems
  • and/or host a fieldwork team, supported through coaching and expertise from School faculty, to diagnose a complex sustainability challenge for your organisation. More than just a “report” at the end of the 3 a top quality deliverable is produced with the capacity to bring insight into the organisation’s strategy.

Contact Laura Winn with any questions about the SOSC programme.

Futures Centre Sponsorship

Unlocking a unique Futures Centre audience to enhance your brand’s sustainability credentials.

  • Support to share thought leadership through articles or interviews via the Futures Centre
  • Support to share signals of change and resources via the Futures Centre
  • Social media outreach regarding change to accelerate sustainability via the Futures Centre network
  • ​Organisation logo featured in Partner section of Futures Centre website.

The pioneer package price varies according to the size of the work programme or project(s) selected.

There are regional variations in the modules that are available. 



We can work together to transform systems

Get in touch with Ben Kellard  in the UK to find out more about the way we work with Pioneer Partners and for details of Pioneer Partner package pricing, Sandra Seru in the US, Ariel Muller in Asia Pacific, Anna Warrington in India. 

For general information on joining Forum for the Future’s Network get in touch with:

Susanna OrchardMembership Services+44(0)20 7324


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