I have long held a personal mission to create a more sustainable, people-focussed world. As Chief Operating Officer at Forum I’m here to ensure our systems, processes, finance and people support the amazing change-making work we do and that we model as an organisation that which we want to see.

Over recent years I have been part of the leadership team of several ambitious impactful organisations including Farm Africa (as Chief Operating Officer), MADE-BY (as Performance Director), Transparency International UK (as Trustee) and the Ramblers (as Interim Chief Executive). I started my career with ten years as a PwC auditor which allowed me to develop many of the skills needed to lead critical activities such as governance, financial management and people development.  I have a particular interest in all things environmental and the role that companies can play in this. This has led me to advise companies in Australia on their climate change strategies, deliver reduced levels of pesticide use in cotton (as a trustee of Pesticide Action Network) and run a 12 day sustainability festival in the gardens of Clarence House (whilst working at the Prince’s Charities).

Dream Forum Project? 

My dream project? I’d love to some radical (re)thinking about how people move around the big growing African cities so everyone can participate economically and socially without the constant diesel deadlock. I’ve also long wanted to make tiny houses aspirational. Maybe they are linked – with aspirational little places there’s less drive to travel long distances across a city. 

What Floats my boat outside of work? 

What floats my boat outside of work? My family, Yorkshire, the Isles of Scilly, long train trips to far flung parts of Europe and living locally in Camden the rest of the time.