Group HR Manager


My life-long passion lies with issues of climate change, environment and conservation. For my Master’s degree, I conducted a study exploring how two major oil corporations, operating in the environment-sensitive industry, construct and project their environmental images and how these are perceived by consumers.

I am a chartered HR professional with over 15 years’ experience. Before joining Forum for the Future, I worked in a variety of international NGOs including Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Médecins Sans Frontières and Save the Children among others. I enjoy working in fast paced, diverse, international organisations with complex structures, across geographies, with passionate people committed to delivering value to their beneficiaries – be it people or planet. As HR professional, I see my role in helping people channel, nurture and sustain their passion.

My dream project?

At Forum, I feel privileged to work for an organisation at the leading edge of systems thinking, with a global reputation, which attracts the best talent as co-workers who strive to resolve complex global issues, and offers a rewarding work environment for an HR professional. What excites me about working at Forum is the breadth and range of its programmes that seek to create solutions to complex multidisciplinary sustainability, societal and business issues. Professionally, I see this as bringing particular challenges and opportunities, for example, to the process of organisational integration, organisational change, knowledge management and implementation of global policies. I never stop learning and always strive to grow my skills and learn from my experiences bringing this learning for the benefit of others.

What floats my boat outside of work?

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family in the countryside in East Sussex, waking up to birdsong, travelling the world visiting my friends and family or exploring the wonders of the natural world and human cultures, as well as making the most of the creative artistic, theatrical and musical spirit of London. Braving the bracing cold waters of the Cornish Atlantic coast while boogie boarding and an occasional horseback hack through the woods or gallop on a beach make my heart beat faster.

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