I am part of Forum's India Office where there is tremendous opportunity to develop collaborative platforms and work with industry to address wicked problems and issues critical for environmental sustainability.

 After graduating from the Manchester Business School, UK with an MBA, I worked at a data driven sales and marketing consultancy for the pharmaceutical industry. That led to getting involved in CRM systems and a bit of finance at IBM, UK.

I realised that while the work was interesting it was not directly addressing the problems facing humanity and life on our planet. In 2006, I moved to India to volunteer at an eco-village - Auroville. I immediately got involved in a number projects across various sectors right from renewable energy, afforestation, solid waste, farming, water provision, electric mobility through to awareness and education.

I also founded a few social enterprises and one of them, amrutDhara, had pioneered provision of safe drinking water without plastic bottles at public places. Back in 2014, we found that we were a bit too early for the Indian market.

In 2018, we concluded a project that involved sanitation, water provision and environmental education in 5,592 rural schools across 6 states of India. All this has given me a solid grounding and understanding of the scale of challenges around sustainability that we face in India.

Having gained this insight, I have joined Forum where I could contribute towards large scale systemic change. I find Forum's futures approach of engaging with our partners very compelling.

My dream forum project?

I would love to be involved in getting multiple stakeholders such as corporates, government and public institutions to align their objectives and actions in achieving greater wellbeing and reducing unnecessary suffering for all living beings on our planet.

What floats my boat outside of work?

I like conversing with my eight year old daughter about the beauty and magnificence of nature and find her insights profound and refreshing.

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