Sustainability Strategist


I pursued a degree in Political Science at the National University of Singapore. Through my years, I experimented with numerous internships - at airline, newspaper, human resources companies and non-government organisations. My most inspiring experience was working with women from urban slums in Mumbai on microfinance and health issues.

At the same time, my academic career interest shifted from conflict resolution to international development. Research questions, practices, methodologies and references were my pet peeve in university and I enjoy developing that rigour in my work streams.

What would you dream Forum project be?

I want to be part of a cohesive and creative team that designs and develops constantly evolving our Futures research processes to further Forum’s ability to create change. At the same time, I am passionate about exploring how sustainability can be achieved alongside development and perhaps even promote development in developing countries and regions.

What floats your boat when you are away from work?

I love exploring new cities, especially gazing at the unfamiliar foods and products at local supermarkets while traveling. I also enjoy writing some rudimentary poetry and short stories when inspiration hits me. I always appreciate a nightly stroll or a movie with some homemade popcorn. 

Madhumita is on study leave until September 2020, please contact Jessica Ng for any enquiries.

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