Content and Digital Communications Executive


After switching from law to media, I worked in film production as I completed my Bachelor of Communication and Media Management back home in Australia. While studying, I received a New Colombo Plan scholarship to study and work in the Indo-Pacific region and spent six months studying and working in South Korea, followed by a six-month placement in Hong Kong. Following my move to Europe, I worked in digital advertising at a Publicis Media agency before coming to Forum for the Future, motivated by Forum’s approach to environmental sustainability.

At Forum, my focus is the message we’re sending and how we’re sending it. I help to tell the story of Forum's work through content creation and digital marketing.

My dream project?

Any communications project that activates people to be involved and participate in their own way with social, environmental and economic issues.

What floats my boat outside of work?

Compiling music playlists, researching/attending gigs, running/swimming/exercising, browsing book shops, reading, going out with friends, seeing my family back home, photography, and much more.

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